About us

Se classic is a women's and men's clothing and home living stuff store which was founded by Seham Alrawni in Nov 2020 to make a difference in the online stores
Se classic aims to grow in international markets with its experienced staff and innovative structure in virtual stores and to be the representative of modern lines and elegance in restrained clothing.
The most beautiful colors and artistic touches, natural materials, and nature-friendly products, unique designs, and affordable prices come together under the umbrella of Se classic.
Creating a passion for clothing with the collections creat by combining the elegance, modern lines, and restrained clothing that modern women seek is Se classic's greatest passion.
Se classic an innovative, inspiring brand that makes a difference with great goals, grows with teamwork, has elegant, dynamic, stylish collections, contributes to the new fashion concept with effective steps believes in success.
Our goal is to create an online shop in which you can easily find whatever product you need.
Our brand positioning; a women and men clothing brand that is "measured" in style and price, "assertive" in design, quality, modernity, and elegance.
Our target audience; Women and men over the age of 13, following fashion, having a restrained style, preferring modern clothing, high-quality sensibility but, also giving importance to reasonable prices.